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A rainy day still life shot of a single Ranunculus in bloom. Focus stacking, subtle desaturation, and a touch of color grading.

Nikon d7200
105mm · f/11 · 2.5" · ISO 100
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Stunning work Joe - quality all round. Other than the processes mentioned I love the texture of this.

Thanks Alan ~

Your portfolio shows different styles - I like that. Curious, what comes next.

Yes, I like trying different subjects and styles, keeps me interested and learning different things.

Number one on the popular charts..... Joe Scalise!

It was nice to get the Editors Pick :)

This almost looks like a painting, phenomenal work man

Thanks very much Gaetan.

I love getting that metallic look from petals and leaves, just gorgeous!

My favorite flower for that 'metallic' look or texture is Butterfly Ranunculus, Thanks!

Beeutiful, beautiful, subtle work, Joe! Flawless. The flower's colour is ravishing. You have an unusually understated style for a US photographer.

Thank you Chris, appreciate it.