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Bulbiferous Geophytes

A pair of Tulips with petals wide open and backlit by the sun.

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I looove this shot!

About 10 yrs ago, I did a collection of flowers in B&W.

It was AMAZING & breaks my heart I can't find the files.

It's amazing that with the right lighting, in B&W, the flowers almost look like they've been x-rayed.

This is a STUNNING photo! Fabulous job

Thanks Kat.

I love how certain Tulips have petals that allow light to pass through to some degree. It brings out more of the detail of each petal plus I find more interest with the shadows being cast from petal to petal, can make for some interesting layered visuals, or make a mess, ha ha.

I love the way the disorderly petals create such interest with this lighting. The range of tones and textures are beautiful throughout.

A masterful creation Joe, looks amazing in B&W!

I really appreciate the kudos Alan. I like how this has a sort of chaotic sculptural thing going on.

I think my next shoot for flowers (indoors or outdoors) will do something similar with the backlighting and allow the the dark background to be gradated (black to gray or something there). We'll see when I get around to it.

Order in chaos! Love that translucent, backlit effect here, Joe.