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Road trippin' through Utah, the road was wonderfully long.

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I really like this, Joe. The pano and the palette (film?) suits the subject beautifully.

Thanks very much Will.

I've always liked shots like this, was finally able to nail one for myself. The color grading was semi-inspired by Breaking Bad.

You totally nailed the grading :)

Long... and wonderfully empty (mostly), so little danger to photographers standing in the middle of it.

This is just about my favorite part of the planet, and certainly my favorite part of the US. Great shot. It definitely conveys the vast emptiness out there. I love the muted colors. They give the scene a justifiably sun-bleached look.

Thanks Kevin.

As I mentioned above to Will, I was going partially for a Beaking Bad style, but the other part was trying to convey that sun baked (or sun bleached as you stated) look or feel without haziness.

Very beautiful land out there.

Definitely on the straight & narrow.....has a wonderful vintage feel to it.

Thank you Alan