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The Adorable Boxer

One of the cutest mantis species in my opinion is Hestiasula major or boxer mantis (this is a first instar nymph). Hestiasula is a genus of Asian praying mantids. They are called boxer mantids due to the boxing glove like forearms and boxing like movements often seen as they communicate with each other.

65mm · f/14.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Cute! How do you get so much color in the background, with your camera settings? I suppose, you shoot indoors, but with flash. Do you have the background very close? Sorry for the many questions... ;)

Often times I get creative with backgrounds and then you can also enhance the colors in post processing as well. Depending how creamy you want that background to be will depend how far you want it and whether I'm shooting outdoors or indoors I always try to be aware of the background before pressing that shutter. Hope that makes sense 😉

Yes it does! ;) Thank you very much.