Jacob Klassen's picture

The Three Giants

3 giant Douglas Firs standing inside a wet old growth rainforest. I find the best colours in the forests happen after and during a rainfall.

Canon 6d
17 mm · f/7.1 · 2 sec · ISO 160
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So great moody feel in the forest shot!

Good one, Jacob! Yes, love those glistening wet leaves in the foreground. Beautiful effect when wet surfaces catch and reflect blue sky light like that..

Love the feeling!

These more intimate captures of the landscape and nature always get my attention in a more meaningful way than the grand scale landscapes, and this one is no exception. I love what you've done here! Love the moodiness, the color, and the texture you've captured in this wonderfully intimate scene.

Great image. This oozes atmosphere.
One minor thing that pulls me out a tiny bit: The ferns in the foreground seem to have a bit of a reflection to them. Not sure if this is skylight. The background seems really nice. No idea if you could do anything with it. But regardless of that: I love these more intimate shots of a landscape.