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The Nordic Treeline

February 2019 was my 4th visit to Lofoten in Northern Norway. After countless of hours delay in Oslo I was greeted by this amazing sight when the plane arrived at our final destination. The Aurora Borealis danced around on the night sky above Harstad-Narvik Airport. It was really late and I went straight to a nearby hotel to get some rest for the journey to Lofoten the next day. I was too excited and couldn't sleep so I took all my gear! I had to get out and capture the beautiful light! It was a challenge! Going out not knowing the area and combining it with waist deep snow made it a challenge. The Aurora picked up and I just had to find the best position which turned out to be this treeline on top of a small hill. I ended up sleeping 4 hour that night because of the flight delays in Oslo and because I was way too excited and had to shoot the Aurora, I was happy that I went out! This was the only real show I saw during the next 7 days in Lofoten because of bad bad weather!

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