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April Mist

Not long ago I got myself a drone. To be more specific, the Mavic 2 Pro from DJI. I've spent a great amount of time on the west coast of Denmark recently and I thought a drone would be a perfect addition to the gear arsenal.

This will be my first post using my new drone. I woke up a Saturday morning. It was all white outside. The ocean had pushed in a thick blanket of mist. A quick decision was to get out and capture this amazing atmosphere. My girlfriend and I jumped into the car and rushed out to a nearby lighthouse at Bovbjerg.
I was able to get the drone into the air and just after 10 minutes the sun burned away the mist.

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Good image, Mikkel, let alone for a first drone post! The contrast between the rugged cliff face and the gentle landscape above is compelling.

Is that you at the left or right edge of the frame? Drones lend themselves to tele-selfies.