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Sunrise Flow

The first morning shoot from my last photo trip. A great start to 7 fantastic days! I remember how this location and surrounding area made my mind spin. There was no obviously photos to take and I wandered around, which is a bit stressful when you can see the sunrise is just a few minutes away. I passed by this small stream earlier and decided to go back.
I went low and deadly close to the water with my wide angle, perfectly timed as the sun appeared in the horizon.
A beautiful Icelandic summer morning!

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To me it looks like the grass on the left and right side are sharper than everything else wich distracts me from the water. Might be the long exposure that (obviously) blurs the water so everything else looks sharper in contrast. Besides that, i really like it. Well done.

Love this pic, I personally don't mind or care about the contrast of the sharp grass/long-exposed water. What immediately captured my attention is that not only the stream itself as a 'line' but the crashing water creates its own highlights\shadows, making a secondary line in a way. Curious what shutter speed did you get this with? i think it was perfect with regards to the water :)

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