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The Fishing Village

An incredible evening and sunset at the small island of Fårö, Sweden. The small cottages in this photo are the old Helgumannens fishing village. You can find these small settlements all around the island of Gotland and Fårö. The island of Fårö is located just above Gotland and you have to take a small ferry to get to the island.
This is my first post with my new Sony a7r IV camera. I really really like this new beast of a camera!

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Beautiful image Mikkel! Surprised to see an image from Gotland, I actually visited these cottages only a few weeks ago.

Looking forward to see more images from Gotland, and Sweden.

Thank you, Philip! I just have a few photos. It was a family trip so I didn't shoot that much :-)

It´s a really wonderful picture and congrats to your new camera. What do you thik about 16:9 format with less foreground?

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