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Ominous Days

A dramatic moment along the coastline at Vareid, a very small village in the great Lofoten archipelago. It was a fight against the weather gods! The wind kept on howling and the ocean was crashing up against the rocks on the shore. I found a brief moment during a heavy snowfall where the snow stopped. I left the car and positioned myself between the rocks near the ocean. Using a slow shutter speed made me able to capture some gorgeous photos with some beautiful motion from the waves.
This is my first post from my recent trip to Lofoten in Northern Norway.

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Holy shit this is awesome. Easy 5* from me

Huge thanks!

Stunning! Was this the storm that recently slammed into Iceland? I am glad you are safe.

Thanks! This was a week prior the Iceland storm :-)

Awesome shot, Lofoten looks amazing. Did ya try this out in b/w?

Cheers man! Lofoten is a great place! No, not really. I don't work/do B/W :-)

I made an account just so I could comment on this. Probably the best seascape I have ever seen. The clouds, mountains and turbulent sea makes for an excellent portrayal of the conditions. Amazing.

Thanks for the really kind compliment Matt!

Vareid is to me like a home village, great image.

Damn. That's ominous! Nice shot, Mikkel.

yes, awesome shot.