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in step

Two ladies walking in synchronized step during a walk on a foggy Maine beach

*** Voted 'best in competition' in recent juried online competition ***

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Joe Scalise's picture

Great capture Alan. I would have loved to have taken a shot like this. Strong subject (two ladies), a wonderful step down from the main ladies with rich tone to the other background people getting softer in the distance. Extra bonus for that person waaayy back there just a subtle silhouette. I really like how my eye travels around in a circle from the main ladies to the other background people and is led right back to the main ladies.

When I was working full time in Manhattan as an art director for Pharmaceutical advertising, this would have been a winning lifestyle shot, I would have money in your hand before we even hired you, LOL!

Recently, I have been trying out street Photography and just walk around lifestyle type shots with little success. This shot got my re-invigorated, especially because I live near the beach, thanks for that.

P.s. - this wouldn't be a bad example at all for minimal...

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks for the kind endorsement Joe. I always appreciate and respect your feedback.

I can say that many of the elements in this image were constructed in the viewfinder, but others (heavy fog, distant silhouette) were just dumb luck.
I was lucky this came about - it was a bright sunny day and I was actually just going to the beach to scout shots for a later visit - the sea fog came as a wonderful surprise.

I had considered minimal also, so thanks for the PS.

Tony Hetherington's picture

An image I would happily hang on my wall...wonderful 😁

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Thanks for the generous comment Tony!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Comment again long overdue, Alan. One of your best, and an illustration of the variety of styles you can display. I'd never have picked this as one of yours, with its reportage quality. Reminds me perhaps of Willy Ronis, whose people images have a kind of tenderness. There's such warmth in that striding couple, though we can't even see their faces. And that air of enjoyment and active relaxation is echoed down in the beach in the other figures. Wonderful.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Chris. I appreciate you sharing your educated opinion, as always.

Chris Jablonski's picture

To put it in a nutshell, Alan – this image just makes me so want to take my shoes off, walk into that scene, and bask in the atmosphere with those people!

Vijay Mewada's picture

very good composition. have been to beaches very recently. that made me realise the possibilities and importance of reflections in wet sand after waves.
in your process of making images, would it be good to remove other human figures at center? also the reflections being cut of the main subject disturbs.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks for your input Vijay. I feel all the characters are essential to the composition but certainly respect your opinion.