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Foggy Web

I took this early one morning when the fog was thinning and the Basket Weaver spider webs were covered in droplets.

samsung SM-G955U1
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Nice shot Ruth. Well Done

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I love it.

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My new favorite!

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What a hoot! Didn't see this coming!

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Excellent image Ruth, congrats on the selection for Photo of the Day.

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Congrats Ruth! That's pretty damn awsome I think.... I just wish I got picked some time , but it's okay I never win any thing but one of these days! I so proud of you and so proud to call you a friend, if that's okay?

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Thanks Bobby. Getting this was quite unexpected. Thanks for your well wishes and good thoughts!

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Congratulations, Ruth!

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Congrats Ruth!

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Great shot Ruth

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Thanks Craig!

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Very nice!

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Can't stop peering, it's amazing!

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First class work Ruth! An inspiring photo!

I think the mind likes complex visual stimuli. Same with music. I'm a musician too and I noticed that long ago. Of course I'm not referring to current music with repetitive lyrics but older groups and their vocal harmonies. Think of The Eagles, Beach Boys, Little River Band, ABBA, Mamas and Papas, Queen, The Beatles and other similar bands. Almost all their work have vocal harmonies. In some songs it's more complex than others.
One particular song by Steely Dan off of the Aja album, Peg, comes to mind. Listen to the complex back up harmony in the chorus sung by Micheal McDonald. There's your spider web!!

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I love this comment! Thanks for leaving this and being a part of this site! I love the way you thought of this!

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Thank you So Much Ruth. I tend to be a bit too detail oriented and ramble on too much but I do sometimes see things that others don't.

Speaking of which, ever see the movie Brainstorm?