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Jewel of Assam

A portrait of a young Indian girl captured on a rainy day in Boston.
As she was rushing to an interview I did not have time to catch her name but determined she originates from Assam, in India.
I do hope she gets in touch with me so I can send copies, otherwise, I'll think of her appreciatively as my 'jewel of Assam'.

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One of those magical moments when light, circumstance, and magic all come together to create a magical jewel. You skill and experience was the final element needed to bring that moment to life.
Alan, a very sensitively crafted image.

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Thanks for your generous feedback Julian. It's nice to hear that others appreciate the story.

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Julian put it well, Alan - a very sensitively crafted image. I suspect she responded to your generous spirit, however you approached her, to give you such a warm, almost tender smile. A very uplifting image. And the world could use more of those!

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Thanks Chris. She was actually very nervous at first and just warmed up after a few 'throw away' shots (where she was very tense) and conversation about her home/India.
I was actually surprised this came out so well - it was a rainy day, a fleeting moment and I really had no time to check settings during shooting.
A good example of the need to be prepared in advance......

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