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Nature is beautiful, it's amazing, and we all are part of it... But with our actions we are taking it down. When I look into the eyes of my son, it breaks my heart, knowing the place I'm leaving him behind.

Everything starts with an idea, a concept... a “single” word may describe an entire project... Ask your self: what’s the main feeling... what I’m felling?... How can I represent that feeling in a non obvious and bold way.... that’s the most important thing!... then is just matter of figuring out how to do it.... my way is through crafts, photography and digital art.

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Thanks Stephane!!!!

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I wish I could see your art closer. I want to feel the elephants expression. I love the detail especially the small bit of tree at the bottom left of the heart shape.

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Thanks David!... Maybe if you go to My web page or my Behance account you can see it with a little more detail...

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I love this image and the story behind it. It is scary to think of the world we are leaving for the next generations. Thank you for using your art and your creativity to help others see.

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Heck me! This I call art. Award nominee!

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Thank you Val!!!

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looking at your work, inspires me. Thank you

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Thanks m8!!!

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incredible work and process to create it, impressive

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