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Shot in my studio, mixing studio flashes and light painting (long exposure). Practical effects and some digital enhancement.

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Thanks man!!!!

I have been fan-girling over you for a few years now. Love all your work. Thanks for the inspiration!

Hey thanks Karin!!!.... Big hug!


Thanks Val!

Awesome!!! I am curious as to how you got the foreground? Was it your photograph, or something from unsplash?

Ahhhh good question and there's part of the "Secret" The foreground is a combination of tow shots... Because of the minimum focal distance of any lens... it would be out of focus (for a scale scene)... so you need to a second shot focusing just in the near foreground or insert a similar one digitally... I have done both... sometimes I also go with focus stacking.... Thanks mate!

Nice work!

wow, just found your work, fantastic

I really don’t know how you could have done this any better. Bravo 🤘