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Sonya with the glowing skin

I've been playing around a lot with sharp contrasting skin tones and shines. Here's another one from my experiments.

model: https://instagram.com/strutthats
me: https://instagram.com/jiggliemon
studio: http://agroism.com

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great colour grading!

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Gracias Amigo.

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beautiful model and grading! strong shot!!

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some potentially picky points which may help. I know tones are the topic but generally. Bra is too big and should be adjusted, the model is slim and I feel it would compliment her. This is a question as much as a point, should the knee be more in focus? The face is quite shiny, which may be a makeup thing more than photography. I like the image, I like the tone, I think you could make it better. I am on my fifth coffee and knee deep in a dissertation so I may be going off the edges a bit here.