Genesis by Eric Thiessen
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July 26, 2019

Mount Rainer has to be one of the most impressive mountains that I've seen. It's sheer size dwarfs over the surrounding mountain ranges and after sunset it cast its shadow as far as the eye can see. The national park that surrounds Mount Rainer is also very impressive as it provides dozens of fun hiking trails and different vantage points of Rainier and the mountain ranges. The hike up to this vantage point was one of my favorite memories from my recent trip to Glacier National Park and Rainer with @Jay.klassy as it wasnt extremely long, but had a nice taste of alpine hiking, 360° views and a beautiful cobalt blue alpine lake.

We both made a last minute decision to head up here for our final night on the road with hopes to capture some night sky shots. Thankfully the mosquitos went to bed and we had a peaceful night shooting the milkyway and came away with some great conditions! Thanks for looking 😁

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Very nice shot.

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Beautifull !!!