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The Crown of Night

Photographing the Aurora has long been on my list. Ever since I first saw Marc Adamus' images, I always dreamt of witnessing them myself. That dream became a reality on my recent trip into the Ogilvie mountains, and it exceeded all expectations. There isn't any way possible to capture a single frame and do it justice. The Aurora dances around the night sky, constantly changing shapes, intensity, and color. There were periods when the entire sky was filled with green, red, and purple ribbons, all intertwined and moving at different rates. I had never seen anything so impressive in my entire life. When the storms subsided, I took advantage of regaining composure, finding a comp, and shooting my long exposures for the landscape. All while knowing that in any second, another storm will hit and the sky will come alive. The thrill and anticipation of shooting during the night had never made me feel alive, alert, and excited. All the aches, pains, and tiredness felt nothing more than a distant memory.

Landscape photography, in its purest form, is the most humming experience.

Thanks for looking!

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congrats on potd!

A unique image of the Aurora Borealis.