Amongst the Giants by Eric Thiessen
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Amongst the Giants

July 26, 2019

One of my favorite past time activities during the day was taking detailed telephoto shots of the surrounding peaks, especially when the clouds presented moody, dramatic conditions. For two weeks straight, there were very few times where the camera was put away (except for the occasional afternoon nap 😏) as the opportunities for getting a shot was seemingly endless. This image is no exception; the summit tower of Fitz Roy created it's own weather system and provided @brycemironuck_photography and I some awesome conditions to shoot in. The nice thing with telephoto shots is that the setup time for the composition is super quick and "easy" as opposed to wide angle shots where setting up a comp can take nearly an hour. Also, the chances of someone getting the exact same shot is nearly impossible, so it allows us photographers a chance to create our own unique and original image. Before this trip I maybe had one good telephoto image, but this trip had both of us frantically switching between lenses to get as much of a variety as possible in our shots. We treated each day like it was our last chance to get an image as these mountains are usually covered and may not be visible for weeks. Happy to say that only 1 out of 18 days did the mountains not present themselves! We were truly blessed.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this dramatic shot!

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You have posted some amazing photos here, both from Patagonia and elsewhere. The light in this one is spectacular.

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Absolutely magnificent light..... Great shot!

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