Windswept by Eric Thiessen
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July 26, 2019

After 12,000km of travel, enduring hurricane force winds which quite literally tossed me off the ground, grinding out very early morning hikes in the dark every day, bouldering down sketchy terrain well past sunset, having mice eat my food and of course laughing countlessly at Guanaco's with there very delayed, dumbfounded look when we drove by, I'm happy to say Patagonia was absolutely incredible, and I couldn't ask for a better amigo to go with than @brycemironuck_photography!

These mountains, at the very least, are the most amazing pieces of rock I have ever seen! Not only that, but the story nature showed before our eyes was indescribable. How life is able to survive the conditions that the Southern Andes recieve is beyond me, yet the abundance of wildlife and nature as a whole seemingly shrugs off the very typical 120km/h that would put most cities in a state of emergency.

Journey with me as I begin to display the beauty and power of the Patagonian mountains!

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Simply spectacular.