Veil by Eric Thiessen
September 2, 2020

A Vancouver Island classic. A place once so pristine now requires the use of tedious cloning to remove all the damage caused by people. What you don't see in this image are the dozens of initials, symbols and names left by those who don't understand the value of "Leave no Trace".

All this aside, my girlfriend and I sure enjoyed a late Sunday afternoon getaway to this pretty unique spot! No matter what the season, this waterfall never increases or decreases its flow. A constant, never changing life-source for this spectacular canyon.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Great job here, Eric! The way you've created an image that evokes an abstract painting evocative of the natural world really appeals. The combination of hues, tones, forms & textures is a feast for my eyes. I especially like the jewel-like glow and glistening highlights at the base. A very satisfying image. Well done.

Gregory Thanos's picture

Great work! Beautiful picture!