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Day Break

October 23, 2020

After an eventful sunset and moonrise photographing this area, my friend Jacob Klassen and I woke up a couple of hours before sunrise to see if the conditions were in our favor. Everything lined up perfectly. We had a setting moon, cloud inversion, and a high layer of cloud. Fueled with ambition and excitement, we packed up our campsite and made our way in the dark to our compositions. Jake and I split paths as he climbed to the summit, and I headed farther down to an area I scouted the day before. As I arrived at the spot an hour before sunrise, the high clouds started to catch a deep orange glow, and the setting moon peeked through the diffused cloud. The ethereal atmosphere, combined with a well-balanced composition, makes this one of my all-time favorite images taken on Vancouver Island!

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Gregory Thanos's picture

Beautiful picture! Well done!

Lionel Fellay's picture

nice image ! it's the moon on the right ?

Chaz Foote's picture

sure looks like that pond is running downhill

Jens Sieckmann's picture

Soft and moody, So colorful.

Kevin Teerlynck's picture

Magnificent shot and edit. Love it!