Winter's Arrival by Eric Thiessen
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Winter's Arrival

July 26, 2019

Last week, Vancouver Island recieved an ample amount of snowfall which provided me with a few days off work. Knowing that this rare cold spell would only last a few days, I took full advantage of it and went off on an adventure upisland to Ammonite Falls and see what kind of images I could come up with. Right away I knew that the timing was perfect and notice this cool little river that carved through some snow and ice. The crystal clear ice bubbles on each side were no more than a centimeter in diameter, therefore I had to take a plunge into the icey river in order to get my tripod close enough. After 30 or so minutes of shooting, freezing my nuts off and restling my tripod around to get the shot, I finally was able to get a series of focus stacked images that I was happy about. I'm typically a hard critic on my own images, but this shot takes the cake as being my personal favorite so far.

Hope you enjoy!

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Very interesting shot. Glad you decided to get into the freezing water to take this shot!