August 4, 2019

I love working with dancers and playing with fabrics and movement. My work is inspired by Renaissance old master paintings so my soft lighting will reflect that look. Montana is a professional ballerina and aerialist. Camera: Nikon D750, 50mm lens @ f/2.8, 1/200 ISO 100. Backdrop is gray seamless paper. Post processing using ACR and Photoshop.

Ballerina: Montana O'Brien

50mm · f/2.8 · 1/200 · ISO 100
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David T's picture

Great job freezing the motion. What flashes did you use?

Barbara MacFerrin's picture

One xplor 600 using 60" octa camera left

EUGENE CAASI's picture


Leif Egil Hegdal's picture

Superb creation

Studio 403's picture


Hector Reyes's picture

Outstanding capture!

tony picture's picture

Love this


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Robby MacGillivray's picture

Exquisite - kudos to both of you :)

Alan Brown's picture

Gorgeous image

Dave Terry's picture

Squint your eyes and look at this... the shape created by the movement of the fabric is captured as something beautifully fluid. Like ink-drops in water.

Mark Bucher's picture

Nicely done!

Ian Smith's picture

Beautiful photograph, Barbara!

Vijay Mewada's picture

Absolutely enjoyed the fluid in mid-tones. PP choice of skin tone highlights still manages to hold attention at face. Thanks.