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Landmannalaugar is one of the busiest places in the Icelandic highlands during summer. I have never seen a campsite with that amount of people before, in Iceland. Wow!
My travel buddy Kai and I had decided to hike the Blue Mountain next to the campsite but on our way, we saw a couple climbing down the steep steep mountain wall which was covered in loose gravel. It looked rather sketchy and dangerous so we decided to go somewhere else. We hiked up to this peak, just on the opposite side of the lava field and campsite. I have no knowledge of the name but the peak was all red!
The wind had picked up quite a lot during the hike and we finally reached our destination. All alone on a windy peak facing the most incredible sunset! The colors were all nuclear, what a gorgeous sight! It was quite a struggle to get some sharp shots because of the wind.
We couldn't understand why we were alone up here with that many people at the campsite, but oh man we enjoyed it!

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