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Alessandra on point

My colleague introduced me to her sister, Alessandra, a gifted dancer who was keen to join me in the studio for several hours of messing around and in front of camera trying different ideas. This specific shot uses more equipment than my usual single light rigs but I was convinced it would give Ale a different kind of shot she was used to getting. Here I have my large single strobe above centre. I also have a small strobe on a travel stand directly behind Ale just in front of the grey seamless. I then have my assistant (budding photographer Zara) spray an indoor aerosol mist behind Ale but just in front of the back strobe. All settings are on manual, including the strobe exposure and I judge this just by looking at the back of the camera. To help the talent when shooting something that is technical like ballet I like to tether the camera to my laptop then attach a large 4k screen to the laptop which is facing the talent so she can judge her own execution, she is the professional, not me. I can only react to the artistic look and technical exposure. My camera is a second hand Nikon D800 along with a second hand 24-70mm zoom. I swapped between this and a very nice 85mm prime but the zoom allowed me to go a little wider to capture all the action. Post production was minimal, all the hard work was removing the edges of the seamless. More from this shoot to follow. Exposure: 60th sec, F9.0, ISO 100.

70mm · f/9.0 · 1/60s · ISO 100
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