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Road to Pakgil

"Road to Pakgil" - my biggest regret was not stopping and taking the time to improve the composition on this image a bit more.

I think I already mentioned it once before but if you look close enough, you can see that this image was actually taken out of a driving car - and still, though I had so many more photographs to choose from, I liked this one the most. (Even though I also let the crop mode of my camera on by mistake.)

Recently, I‘ve been trying to increase the dynamic range of my images a bit more. In this case it was the blue colors of the sky, the pink colors of the clouds in the evening light, the red and orange tones of the mud in the hills and so on...

I also noticed that my work has become a lot more "contrasty" and also a "tiny" bit oversaturated, maybe. But bear with me, I‘m still in the process of learning.

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