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The Green Touch

When we started planning for our Iceland trip - one year before it happened - I was fascinated with the Haifoss and hoped for shooting it at sunset or sunrise. But you couldn't really know what the weather was going to be like one year from back then - so, instead of a sunset we got a lot of clouds and rain.

Nevertheless, it was a breathtaking experience to witness this waterfall and I still got a few "nice" photos out of it - one of them is "The Green Touch" - my moody longexpo panoramic of the waterfall(s) and the valley.

24mm · f/6.3 · 30s · ISO 100
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Andrzej Muzaj's picture

Great pano! I love this waterfalls. They're my favorites of all Iceland's locations. :)

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Thank you Andrzej! They truly are magnificent.

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Maybe more space for the sky or cutting it. everything else at an excellent level...

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Yes, asolutely right - thank you. The problem was that we had a pretty tight schedule back then and I still had to figure out if my Sony was waterproof enough for Iceland :P So, I had to make it "quick" - but for that I think it became pretty good.