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Ghosts of Námaskarð

We planned our trip to Iceland pretty well, so that we saw as much as possible in the few days we had. I tried to capture at least one nice photograph of every location we visited, which was pretty challenging. We weren't blessed with much "good" weather, instead we got to experience the whole island - rain, storms, overcast days, some sunny days, few moderate sunsets and one outstanding sunset just when we arrived back at the airport. This was one of the moderate sunsets and I felt pretty rushed because the light was fading quickly. Also, I tried to shoot lower to the ground but this wasn't possible, because if I had you wouldn't have been able to see all this amazing colors and structures on the foreground. In the end though, I really liked this image and it took me a while to really bring back the colors I saw that day - I was just astonished! By the way, the title refers to the blurred out people, whom you can see in the distance (or not, depending on the resolution).

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