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Dachstein Massive

Somewhere in those clouds stands the highest mountain of Styria, the Dachstein.

And against all odds I got to photograph this spectacular mountainscape back in winter 2018. When I arrived, the first thing I came to notice was that the road was closed. So, I had to take all my gear and walk/hike up to where I wanted to go. Of course, this completely destroyed my schedule. When after hours, I finally arrived at the starting point of my hike, I soon got to know the weakness of snowshoes: fresh powder. And it was not like knee-deep or something, no, it reached far over my hip. After about an hour of endless struggle, I headed back to this wide, open meadow, surrounded by trees. There I took this and some of the other photographs that day. In the end it was worth it though - I loved the experience.

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