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One Last Glimpse

Being out there, experiencing it and then reliving it over and over again through my images - that‘s basically the best thing about photography for me. Like this photograph of the Klomnock - it is my favorite sunset to date. On a small screen it might look oversaturated with too few pixels and too much contrast but it is only by zooming in that you can truly appreciate this photograph.

It is the reprocessed version of my "multiple panoramic exposure" of earlier this year.

As already mentioned once before: 8 horizontal panoramic rows, 158 pictures, each picture 42 Megapixels, about 6.6 Gigapixel in total of which about 3 GP were used in this photograph. The whole picture in this cropped version has about 185 MP (most MP were lost due to overlapping). These are the facts.

24mm · f/9.0 · 1/6s · ISO 100
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Wonderful feed Corin!

Thanks a lot, Hans! Glad you like it.