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And to think I nearly would have missed this morning...

I studied the weather forecast carefully - two days before we were caught by a thunderstorm up in the mountains, it was no fun. But it looked good this morning. So, I stood up early to make sure I‘d be the first one up there. Thirty minutes after arrival another photographer passed me. There was enough space for a few people but he moved on quickly. As I took the first photograph, an f2.8 and 30s exposure, I was blown away - a dark blue sky with soft, pink clouds and on top of that, a night sky full of stars. I had to wait another half an hour to be able to take this panoramic. And though I don’t have much experience in nightscape photography, I managed to get a few decent photographs I really like - including this one.

Can you spot the constellation of Orion?

24mm · f/4.5 · 15s · ISO 6400
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