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The plan was to hike to the Monte Rosa hut and to photograph the glacier leading down to the Matterhorn. Well, but you know how it is with plans... Especially in landscape photography they seldom work out exactly how you wanted them to. So, after hiking alongside the glacier for a while, I noticed that the sky just won’t do it. I turned around and walked back to the Riffelsee and to its very common composition. Even after half an hour the clouds didn’t seem to move at all - I decided to take the photograph, a focus stacked and bracketed panoramic in this case. It was no portfolio-shot to me, just an image to remind myself of the experience I had on this hike - and the experience itself really was the most extraordinary of all of my hikes in Switzerland. The huge Gornergrat glacier was just a beauty to look at. I just wonder how long it will endure...

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