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Over one year it‘s been since I took this photograph. Back then I didn’t even know about focus stacking - I was basically just at the beginning of photographing landscapes. The only thing I did in post processing was adjusting exposure, light, shadows and contrast - that’s all.

Now, one and a quarter years later, adjusting these things is just the smallest and probably simplest part of it. But not only that has changed. Out there in the field, taking these photographs, has become a lot more "complicated". Focus Stacking, exposure bracketing, taking a panoramic, taking "multiple panoramic exposures"... yes, more complicated and time consuming indeed. But, I‘m not complaining - the results are pretty awesome from time to time.

Half a year ago, when I didn’t have much to process on and didn’t get the photographs I wished for, I started drawing again. I began with simple landscape drawings, then some "fan art", then again landscapes, portraits, animals and so on. I did that to pass the time and get more into "light and shadows" through drawing with pencils. Sometimes it took me days to finish a drawing and I ended up staying awake till one or two in the morning, even drawing through the whole night on some occasions - waking up at six again, for school - I didn’t mind, I loved it.

And again, this brought forward an idea for me. Why not put these two things together? So I did. Recently, I bought one of those fancy drawing tablets, just a small one, but I’ve been working with it ever since and it’s incredible. Now, I’m basically „clone-painting“ my photographs, adding more detail, giving it a more ethereal look - or at least trying to. It is still work in progress though. I’ve been working on one of my newest photographs for a couple of days now and there is no end in sight for at least a couple of months.

70mm · f/16.0 · 1/3s · ISO 100
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