Bixby Creek Bridge by Jeff Walsh
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Bixby Creek Bridge

September 10, 2019

Another stop on my two day trip up the coast of California was this bridge. I know it's a popular place to shoot, but in truth, I seemed to be in the right place at the right time. The light cutting through the valley, with wispy clouds, and dark storm clouds setting the horizon, it was just perfect.

Instead of shooting from a typical vantage point I opted to bust out the drone and fly out over the valley a bit which allowed me to get more of the ocean, and a difference perspective on the bridge. This might be my favorite shot of my trip.

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Brilliant capture! The unique perspective of an otherwise familiar subject, the color palette, and the lighting all make the shot and underscore your being in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time.

Having driven the PCH ages ago and taken a far more conventional image at that time, I've often wondered about hiking trails and potential private property issues from a vantage point like this one. What did you run into?

Again, great image. This one will haunt me for awhile.

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So what I did was use the turnoff that everyone uses, but drove a little deeper down the road and into the valley. It gave me a clear takeoff point for the drone, and then allowed me to fly into the valley more. Once I got a good elevation I was able to get this shot. Only caution I had was the powerlines nearby, but I was careful and more than clear away from them.

I am going to have to check Google Earth to see what I can find if I ever get out there again.

Your image was beautifully seen and skillfully captured!