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The Sea of Color

January 31, 2019

Love the beach. Never shot sunset before oddly enough, so I spent the evening in Huntington Beach, and what I experienced was just a sea of colors.

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Brent Warzocha's picture

Well done.

Jeff Walsh's picture

thank you very much.

Kyle Zaleski's picture

I just shot at HB and it’s a great location to shoot!!

Jeff Walsh's picture

At times, its almost unbeatable.

Guillermo Cortez's picture

Super Majestic !!!

James Thibault's picture

super nice! They have the BEST sunsets!

Jeff Walsh's picture

It's crazy, but the sunsets at HB are seriously awesome almost all the time

Carl Irjala's picture

I like the smooth balance between cold and warm colors in your photograph as well as clear silhouettes. Good work!

Jeff Walsh's picture

thank you very much.

Nick Souvall's picture

Killer Long Exposure. Love that sky

Francisco B's picture

polished work man.

Jeff Walsh's picture

thank you very much, much appreciated

Kieran Stone's picture

great LE!

Mike Young's picture

Superb palette, nice leading lines and silhouetted architecture from the pier - what's not to like. Thanks for posting.

Jeff Walsh's picture

thank you so much for the kind words

Vincent Bornbaum's picture

Man those colours are exceptional