Obscured Horizons by Eric Thiessen
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Obscured Horizons

October 18, 2019

13,000 km away from home lies the Paine Grande, a mountain that for a long time I waited eagerly to capture. What drew my attention to this massive mountain besides the fact that it looks epic was that the full massif of the mountain was rarely seen. Lago grey, situated behind the mountain, produces continuous hurricane force winds that batters the west face of Paine Grande, causing the mountain to create it's own weather system that shrouds the mountain with cloud.

Challenges like this inspires me more than anything in landscape photography. Its easy to go up a board walk And take a photo of something that's always visible and with little effort, but pursuing a shot that takes every bit of effort in your body will always, always be more gratifying. It may take days, months or years to get these curtain shots, but when all the elements line up, all the effort involved will pay off.

Thanks for reading :) hope you enjoy the image!

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