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Ive seen this done a few times now and wanted to give it a go myself.
I feel my version isn't as polished as some of the others Ive seen but I enjoyed putting it together.

Each piece of food was on its own fishing wire and was taken in one shot which I feel gives each individual item in the stack a nice perspective.

My Photoshopping isn't the best in the world but I did have to change proportions slightly and move items closer together and slightly rotate individual items to try and make it look better so hopefully done that OK.

Camera right was a PIXAPRO 100cm 39" Collapsible Silver Beauty Dish with a Godox 360 flashgun (Main light)

Camera left was a 24" 60cm x 60cm EZ-Fold Studio Softbox with a Godox 360 flashgun (Fill light)

Background was yellow poster roll with a Godox AD200 with Godox ad-s17 AD200 Pocket Flash Dome Diffuser

85mm · f/11.0 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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