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Super Noodle

Not sure how I came up with this idea but I have loads of ideas floating around my old noodle sometimes, see what i did there LOL.
For this shot I just bought some chopsticks and the ingredients, everything else I had apart from the headband I borrowed off my daughter.
I took the shot in my garden as I needed the space for my equipment, plus the brick wall added a nice interesting backdrop.

My Equipment:
Nikon D750 - F11 - 1/200 - ISO 100
Tamron 15-30 at 15mm
Godox Xpro Trigger
Godox AD200 Full Power 1/1
2x Godox TT600 Flashguns 1/4 Power
2x 22x90 Strip Softboxes
1x 90cm Deep Hexadecagon Softbox

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