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Orange Explosion

I got a big cardboard square then cut a face sized hole in the middle then lined the cardboard with white paper.
I sliced loads of oranges and layered them onto the cardboard around the centre hole.
I set up my equipment which was 2x Godox TT600 flashguns with softboxes to camera right and camera left and used the Godox xpro trigger to change the lighting power as needed and to fire the flashguns whilst shooting.
My settings where ISO 400 + shutter speed 1/2000 + f/4.
The flashguns where set to around 1/2 power with HSS on so no ambient light interfered with the shot and was lit totally by the flashguns.
Whilst I set everything up and tested the lighting my daughter was having her make up done by my wife for the shot.
We didn't have any orange make up so I had to change the colours in Photoshop to get the shot I envisioned in my head by matching the make up with the colour of the fruit.
Once I was set up and the make up was done my daughter laid down on the floor and my son and wife lowered the cardboard with the oranges on down over my daughters face.
I stood on some step ladders to look down onto my daughters face and the oranges with my Nikon D750 and Nikon 85mm f/1.8 lens.
I then asked my daughter to pull different expressions and chose what we felt looked best.
We really enjoyed doing this photoshoot, it was hard for us to not laugh to get the shots and it only cost me a pot of ice-cream
Really pleased with the final results 🙂

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