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Clouded By Time

Really wanted to give ink cloud photography a try, really pleased with the results.
Had a fish tank in the shed, went to Asda last night and bought a few props including this clock, went to the range and bought some Acrylic paint for the ink clouds and got some syringes off Amazon.
Camera left and right I had a Godox TT600 with no diffusion set at 1/32 power and 1/4 power.
Right above I had a collapsible strip softbox with a A Godox AD200 looking down and set to 1/1 full power.
Filled the fish tank with water and hung the clock in the water, used the syringes to squirt a mixture of 50% water and 50% acrylic paint around the clock.
After each attempt I had to empty the fish tank and refill it and start the process over again until I got a few good shots.
Emptying and refilling the fish tank was the time consuming part of this but the end result was worth the effort.
Now Ive set this up once I will be doing more of this and hopefully doing a YouTube video on it.

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