Glow buddy by John Perhach
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Glow buddy

December 19, 2019

“Glow buddy” Here is a glowing wintery sunrise photo I shot of a Mount Washington a few weeks back now. I had scouted this location back in the spring for a winter shot of the mountain so this year when it snowed right around thanksgiving so I checked the weather and did some homework and decided even tho it was a slim chance of something good happen. I remember waking up some odd number of miles down the road (#campervanlife) that the sky way pretty much clear over the mountain(🤬🤬) and being super pissed, but after some debate with myself on weather or not I should just blow off the mountain and just go to the waterfall I had planned to go to after sunrise, I decided Id just go ahead and give the mountain a shot.. So after a little snowshoeing I reach my location just as blue hour was starting and to my delight as blue hour progressed I noticed a little glow which after a few minutes became this brilliant magenta/orangey glow that only lasted a few brief moments before fading away just as that cloud around the top also faded away into a clear blue sky. After I shot this photo I hurried back to my van and high tailed as fast as I could to a waterfall at a lower elevation with snow for more photos & adventures.

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This is a killer shot

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Im thinking ya nailed this one buddy!