Bursting by John Perhach
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January 7, 2020

I shot this photo just before I shot my last one posted of this same waterfall titled “Power Nap” while still at a higher elevation in the canyon. Before I took a nap at this waterfall many hours earlier I decided to do a little homework with @photopills on my cellular device and wouldn’t ya know it; Son of a gun, I figured out there was in fact a burst opportunity which I kinda had suspicions of prior, but wasn’t totally sure.. Ultimately this is one of the reasons I really really like getting to a location early by hours if I can outside of just because I want to get there to hangout actually enjoying the place before its fully all about playing cameras time. I’ve kinda have been in the mindset of “You’ll almost always capture better photos even on your first visit if you get there and hang out actually enjoying a place before pulling a camera out.” For me its simply because Ive had a chance to explore a place and be present in that little world thats been going on for hundreds of thousands of years before I ever got there vs just rushing around trying to quickly finding hopefully one good comp to shoot. Anyways what’s your train of thought on how you go about shooting at a location?

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Beautiful capture