“Beaming Maaannnnnn” by John Perhach
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“Beaming Maaannnnnn”

January 12, 2020

Heres a fairly epic scene I witnessed in the spring of 2018 which my first spring playing cameras. I actually tired shooting at this waterfall a bit earlier in the spring and I failed super epically due to the spray instantly covering my lens because I didn’t use a umbrella yet. The first trip to this waterfall might have been a fail for photos, but it definitely was not a fail for figuring out lighting. What I found out on that first trip is that under the right conditions and after a certain time of the day a lightning show of epic proportions takes place. So after waiting a few weeks till the conditions lined up again I made my way back to this waterfall and sure enough the epic lighting happened again for me, but this time around the flow had lessened a good bit on the creek so the spray wasn’t so gnarly, but sadly that also meant that I wasn’t able to reshoot a lot of the compositions I had shot before.

17mm · f/18 · ISO 100
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