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Golden canopy

Late afternoon light streams through the Autumn foliage of a golden Maple tree.

Multiple images were selectively layered and blended in Photoshop to create this impressionistic result.

Base details;
Images taken at 1/60th sec, f5.6, ISO 200
Focal length 28mm

Global adjustments to all images in Lightroom, round tripped in Photoshop as layers for selective blending/masking.

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Ha, so the person that is going round assigning 1 stars to photographs has finally come my way.

In today's world you'd think such bitter people might find something more concerning to fill their time in, rather than cowering behind anonymity.

I really don't understand how degrading entire portfolios out of spite might elevate one's own esteem, but it's a strange world we live in.

Unlike others I won't be leaving the site (I think it's kind of funny....) - if the person responsible would like to come out of the shadows I'd be happy to engage......

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Unfortunately, that happens far too often on here. I've spent years making a point of looking at the work of people who are negative on these sites, and those who jump up and down about brand, or how gear matters so very much. All too often, these people show nothing, or if they show anything, their work is terrible to average. I can't help but think what a sad tortured existence it must be inside their heads, that they have been broken to the point they have to tear other people down.

I walked away from this site more than once because of all the anger and negativity; I promised myself I wouldn't come back until I could let it slide. It took a while; however, the old warrior spirit still comes out sometimes.

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how could this ever be a 1????? Love this type of work. I see your note on how others are marking down.This should not be allowed!
I like your photos and will be certain to rate high to defeat this idiot.

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Thanks Tony. Please have ratings reflect your true feelings, that's how I know the impact on others and am ken not to skew the rating system. Not that it's not skewed anyway by this idiot......

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Question for you. Are these layered or is the purely the ICM movement in shot with a longer shutter? Yours highly catch my eye and look to be a superior improvement over mine which are movement and layers.

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Thanks Robert for your kind comment on my photo. As you suggest this the result of layering multiple images, and part of a project I recently undertook to study the process.
If interested in learning more there are many entries cataloguing my journey in my blog, and further examples in the project itself.
The site is built for fellow photographers (not sales) so I'd love for you to visit;

I'll be checking out your work and looking for some tips myself....

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Dear Alan, your work is truly inspiring. Still new to photography but irreversibly hooked. Finding the love of my young years, impressionism, in your work really moved me.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks so much Septimiu. I can't think of a greater compliment than to hear that my work is inspiring others. I find your generous remarks so motivational, so thank you.

You may find my website helpful (as above), I tend to chronicle my activities and experiments/projects so that others can learn from my mistakes :-)

Thanks again, and know that your feedback is appreciated.

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A beautiful, painterly image. 5 stars!

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Hey, thanks William. I truly appreciate your kindness.