Fissile by Eric Thiessen
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February 9, 2020

After experiencing the wonders on Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, Bryce Mironuck and I spent another 3 days in Torres Del Paine. The long 8 hour drive from Argentina was made more enjoyable by listening to Matt Payne's podcasts which featured many of our favorite photographers. It's always interesting to hear the stories behind the photographer!

When we arrived in TDP, both of us realized that the sunset could bean absolute beauty and quickly made up our mind to drive to Lago Grey and shoot the gnarly face of the Paine Grande. Time was not in our favor as the drive from the entrance of the park to Lago Grey was the same amount of time until sunset... and we would have to hike 3km to this lookout. However, Bryce dropped the clutch and we absolutely booked it along the rocky roads to Lago Grey, leaving perhaps a few pieces of our car rental behind 😂. We arrived at the parking lot with 30 minutes remaining and sprinted along the shoreline to this spot. Why did Cardio have to follow me all the way down to Patagonia?! Arriving in an absolute mess of sweat and disarranged gear, we found our comps and right away starting shooting. Even though Paine Grande was mostly shrouded with cloud, I was able to get one shot where part of the peak is revealed.

Hope you enjoy! .

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