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“Precessions Of Light”

So last summer while at Glacier National Park I witnessed easily the most spectacular sunrise Ive ever seen in my life and this photo represents just one of its roughly four to five very different stages of it.

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really nice

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Thank you Bruce, I appreciate it.

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Wow...this is truly spectacular! I really love the slight underexposure and how that makes the mountain and the rainbow stand out, wile the symmetry of the peaks offers a superb composition and alignment. Breathtaking!

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Thank you Horia, The sunrise on the morning I shot this particular photo was mind blowing to say the very least.

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incredible shot man wow!!

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Thank you Jabi,I appreciate it.

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I feel like a stalker... but your awesome stuff is everywhere man!

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Hahaha, Nah man your all good! I actually prefer to post stuff on here and other place vs the gram any day cause you get to see my photos larger and in higher resolution as well.

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Stunning capture!

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Nice POD John!

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Thank you Jordan, I have a wonderful day my friend. 😃

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Wow John, just Wow!! Composition, color and symmetry! Absolutely beautiful!

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Thank you, It is greatly appreciated especially coming from someone as skilled as you are.

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Hi John, a unique image, incredible! love it! Thank you for sharing.

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