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Autumn night delight

A vertorama of 4 horizontal images taken with an ultra wide angle lens allowed me to capture this scene entirely. It happened a few years back, on a beautiful autumn night in northern Norway, while the auroras were swirling atop this lovely waterfall.

Canon 6D
20s · ISO 6400
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Amazing dude, Killer work with the pano stitch as well! 🍻

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Thank you kindly. It wasn't easy to stitch together, but it came out ok in the end 🙂

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Did you have to manually stitch it?? Ive had a few of those come up for myself cause the automated route in LR or PS just couldn’t get it done right.

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I ran them initially through PS but i had a lot of warping to do on the file that it came up with to regain the original shape and relative size of the waterfall and trees. What the software first came up with was super-distorted. It was a bit of a pain, but i managed it in the end :)

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Epic shot wow

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Thank you kindly :)

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Nice shot

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thanks :)


Always tough to stich panos when shot with a wide angle lens. Congratulations on a good job ....

Horia Bogdan's picture

Thanks! I know and you are right. I try to avoid shooting panos with a wide, but in the case of northern lights shots, you only pretty much have only 2 options: wide or ultra-wide :))))

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Beautiful picture! Great work!