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Dancers at the Château

If you are passionate about castles, the Loire Valley is your place: an iconic region throughout Europe where thousands of chateaux and fortresses dating from the 10th century onwards endure; and as their lights come on, you will be taken back into an enticing evening of the French Renaissance court.

Canon 6D
30mm · f/8.0 · 10s · ISO 100
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Parece de cuento!

Muchas gracias Mikel!

Muy guapa, vaya atmósfera!!

Me alegro de que te guste Sergio, muchas gracias!

Incredible symmetry, how did you get stars like that?

Many thanks Ole. The picture was taken during the blue hour. You might see stars during that time, but if you want a picture like this one you need two different exposures, and wait enough time between them to capture the stars in a night sky. For that last purpose, I guide myself using a 500 rule calculator :)

wow, that's a really creative technique

Thank you so much :)

Preciosa amiga muy muy buena

Muchísimas gracias Jabi!!! :D


A huge thanks Hanaa!

que fina Nuria!!!! muy muy guapa

Muchas gracias compi!!! :)

omg !!