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Breath of Storm

During that sunset, the azure waves were churning against the pink granite coast more and more violently as the gloom was taking over. Somehow, the sea was foreseeing the fury that would break out in the sky minutes later: an approaching storm was about to burst in a dance of light, colors and salt… And there I was, standing on a rock, at the mercy of the tides.

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Stunning capture!

Big thanks mate!

I know this place very well because I shot this a few times. This is definitely one of the best shots.

Thank you so much Jens! It is a very nice place, I really like the area too

This must be the most amazing image i've ever seen from this lighthouse. Great job!

A huge thanks Kevin! Much appreciated 😄😄

Superb composition and long exposure

Many thanks mate!

Wonderful image!

Big thanks Ram!

top notch

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